Screen printing

The art of screen printing on glass and bottles

Hot Screen Printing on Glass: Elegance and Eco-friendly Resilience.

The art of hot screen printing at Incisioni La Stella is a technique that allows us to reproduce writings and graphics on various materials, with particular emphasis on hot screen printing on glass.

This process is widely used for decorating products intended for the food sector, adding a touch of elegance and unique style.


Hot Screen Printing for Sustainable Integration in Glass for the Food Sector.

The hot color used during the processing becomes an integral part of the glass. This inorganic material has numerous ecological advantages, positioning itself as a sustainable choice for decorating products intended for the food sector.

Among its benefits are qualities such as:
  • high mechanical resistance
  • ability to resist scratches or abrasions
  • resistance to external agents such as alcohol and fats
  • acid resistance while maintaining integrity over time

Screen Printing on Glass Bottles: the Specialty of Incisioni la Stella.

Get in touch with us and discover how your vision comes to life through the magic of hot screen printing on glass bottles.

Trust our craftsmanship to transform each bottle into a unique masterpiece, where elegance and durability merge into an unparalleled creation.

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