Impeccable glass painting result

Excellence in Painting: Color and Creativity on Every Bottle

Welcome to the world of painting offered by Incisioni La Stella. We have introduced a state-of-the-art high-speed plant exclusively dedicated to bottle painting, combining cutting-edge technology with artisanal passion.

Discover how our painting adds a distinctive touch to your products, ensuring not only aesthetics but also durability over time.


Bright and Safe Colors with Next-Generation Technology.

Our plant is equipped with two painting cabins, allowing the execution of multiple colors in line. We exclusively use water-based colors, ensuring not only extraordinary brilliance but also the absence of toxic materials.

The paint is baked at 200°C in a static oven, ensuring a lasting impeccable finish.


Tailored Creativity for Unique and Personalized Bottles.

Thanks to an advanced system of guns, we can fully or partially color bottles of any size and shape. Our artistic skill is expressed through painting that transforms each bottle into a unique work of color and creativity.

Incisioni La Stella, where painting becomes an art that tells your story.

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